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Located on the Wageningen University & Research campus, Fokkema & Partners designed the Food Science Centre for Upfield, leading producer of entirely plant-based butter. Guided by their motto “We are Generation Plant”, the building stands as a statement to this sustainable mission. Designed to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing, with an inviting and open interior. Its facade will flourish with lush vegetation, blending with nature, as time unfolds. The Food Science Centre holds the BREEAM Outstanding certification.

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We are Fokkema & Partners, an office for architecture with extensive experience in the interior realm. Our aim is to design spaces that surpass the pure functional and make the connection to a much bigger story.

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What's the secret to designing a meaningful space? It's more than just dimensions and materials. When you walk through a space that has been thoughtfully crafted, you can feel something extra. In our new magazine, we show you our latest projects that we are very proud of.


We have realised the biggest circular mining pit in the Netherlands.

Nationale Nederlanden envisioned a renovation that takes existing materials as the starting point for a sustainable, healthy and inspiring environment. With an extensive harvesting plan for the two sites, Delftse Poort and Haagse Poort, we have realised the biggest circular mining pit in the Netherlands.


Where innovation meets heritage

Clifford Chance asked Fokkema & Partners to re-imagine the complete interiors of its residence, the ‘Droogbak’ in Amsterdam. The impressive, listed building no longer matched the needs of the law firm, yet its authentic stamina had settled at the hearts of the people. The main challenge was finding out how to merge the Neo-Renaissance building architecture with the interactions of the client-focused and forward thinking law firm.


We firmly believe that great design and sustainability starts with the well-being of people

When EDGE Technologies asked us to realise the first WELL V2 Certified project at the Platinum level, we took a deep dive into the research behind the label, allowing us to push boundaries and create a design that meets the highest standards in well-being. As a focus on people has been at the core of our approach to architecture since the start of our office, we have continued to develop our knowledge and know-how around the WELL building standard.

brand identity

Brand identity, culture and comfort make a perfect fit at Google.

Google's office supports the dynamic culture and caters for its passionate and dedicated, international teams. The design integrates reclaimed materials, has a flexible layout and is largely demountable.


Perfect people and buildings are beautiful, but imperfection is perhaps more exciting.

Embrace the unexpected and find beauty in the gaps.

For EY Parthenon, Fokkema Architects realised a bright and surprising office environment, with a renovation of de nieuwe bank building in Rotterdam.


There is beauty in the gaps

To create a design that embraces the unexpected and takes in the heritage of a site, can be the hardest yet the most rewarding thing to do. In the end it's all about unlocking the potential of people, communities and buildings by making just the right connections.

private residences

When where you live, love and play is also the place where you work, it gets even more personal.

Our home is an extension of our personality. Since the start of our firm we have designed private residences, supporting friends and clients to find out how and where to realise their objectives. These assignments are a true joy to be working on. Up close and personal.


Furniture, lighting objects and experiments

The development of a truly new, top performance component often takes place outside the scope of an architectural design project. In order to fill these gaps we frequently design these ourselves. In order to facilitate the design of a series of products we established an independent label to broaden the product library for all architects and designers in collaboration with renowned manufacturers.