As an office for architecture, we believe in giving our people ample space to develop in line with their passion. As a result, our office consists of an enthusiastic and versatile group of people with different personalities and expertises. It gives us the flexibility to make a perfect match between project requirements and our team. We think that the quality of what we do comes down to the people.
  • A perfect merge of technology and style works best when it fits you like a glove. Not much different from architecture actually.

    ir. Diederik Fokkema


  • When it comes to the places you work, live, learn and play, Laura taps into the environmental psychology of things.

    ir. Laura Atsma


  • Every commission, every building poses a new question and forces you to see the world from a different perspective.

    ir. Marieke van Schaaijk


  • With a passion for retail and hospitality Rick has his focus on the user experience, from surprising concepts to unique detailing.

    ir. Rick Rijkse


  • Twan is committed to design from the inside out, thinking about materials and energy sources, using these conscientiously on all scale levels.

    ir. Twan Steeghs

    Associate Partner

  • Patrick is not easily puzzled, he loves to weigh all interests and takes you on a journey to discover a surprising solution and solve apparent opposites.

    ir. Patrick Levie

    Associate Partner

  • No wonder she knows much, she was raised in a bookstore. Merle brings her fun and explorative nature to work, sharing fascinations, knowledge and knowhow on the go.

    ir. Merle van Marissing

    Associate Partner

  • Almaz is an innovative architect with great creative talents, broad knowledge of technical programmes and loves cooking spicey Asian cuisine.

    ir. Almaz Paalvast


  • Creating the atmosphere to support healthy rituals will help us find a perfect balance in life. A clear mind is a creative mind.

    ir. Anne de Bruijn


  • ir. Anne Marie Boon


  • Bart gently introduces us to new concepts, materials and amazing artists.

    ir. Bart Semplonius


  • ir. Bénine Dekker

    Architect, WELL AP

  • Charlotte is a real “jack-of-all-trades”; a designer full of enthusiasm with extensive knowledge of materials and a knack for Design Management.

    ir. Charlotte de Boon


  • Daisy Heskes

    Finance Manager

  • ir. Daniëlle van der Zwan

    Architect, Design Manager

  • From large concept to the tiniest detail, Dennis makes it happen without missing a beat.

    ir. Dennis Pas

    Architectural Designer

  • Dirk has a knack for knowing what people need to thrive, whether designing a 100% circular renovation or a homely law firm office, he will make it a perfect fit.

    ir. Dirk Zwaan


  • Estelle matches careful observations with intuition and a sustainable approach. It just comes naturally.

    ir. Estelle Batist


  • Evie is a real thrill seeker, as a designer she loves to challenge the status quo when it comes to colour and materiality.

    Evie Nagelkerke BDes BSc


  • With heaps of digital knowledge and a passion for architecture and technology, Inez gets to the bottom of everything.

    ir. Inez Goessens


  • Iris de Jong BA

    Public Relations & Communications Manager

  • Jorrit Kiestra


  • Karlijn Poos


  • Kayla Bain Msc

    Assistant Designer

  • How many talents can one person have? Lennart’s designs are like songs: rhythmic, witty, sensitive and with great sophistication.

    ir. Lennart Aertsen


  • Lynn de Lange

    Administration Assistant

  • Marjan enjoys unraveling brain-teasers like no other. She sees the design and construction process as solving a very complicated arithmetic puzzle whilst creating a gorgeous result.

    ir. Marjan van Diepen

    Senior Lead Architect

  • ir. Marjolijn Damen


  • ir. Maron Branderhorst


  • Nihal Tuzer

    Chef and Office management support

  • ir. Robert Roohé

    Architectural Designer

  • As an architect and painter, with Ruud at the table you find an incredible source of experience, which reaches from Kazakhstan to South Africa.

    ir. Ruud Hoppenbrouwers

    Senior Lead Architect

  • Sanne van Maarseveen


  • Sara Scholten


  • A creative hero with a heartfelt passion for clients and design, Saskia merges sustainable choices with timeless aesthetics to realise architecture that conveys heritage as well as new stories

    ir. Saskia Roelofs- de Tombe

    Senior Lead Architect

  • Pushing the bar in terms of visualisation and challenging our design methodologies, Sjoerd quickly settled at the heart of our digital innovations team.

    ir. Sjoerd Poelman


  • ir. Steven Bouma


  • Questioning, inquisitive, and always critical! Teun likes to be informed and is a sponge for knowledge about almost everything. Besides architecture, he also knows how to illustrate beautifully on the brink of fiction and reality.

    ir. Teun Theijse

    Architectural Designer

  • ir. Valerie Arntz

    Architectural Designer, WELL AP

  • With her ability to connect people, Vera was able to manage the execution of not one, but two complex state building projects simultaneously. She's proving to be a fantastic designer too.

    ir. Vera Vorderegger


  • Wendy Van Den Boogaard - Fransen

    Bureau and Human Resources Manager

  • Willemijn van Wijk

    Office Assistant