No two users are the same. There are big users and small users. Those who are in a hurry and those who are not. But everyone wants to sit comfortably. Alone or together. This is exactly what the work of a furniture designer involves.
Client Piiroinen
Timeline October 2014 - October 2016

Complex functional challenges, personal wishes and preferences, and manufacturing and environmental considerations are all taken together – in the same process and product. Yet it cannot look complex or require the user to learn how to use it. The end result is just a chair, one that works.

  • Simplicity is complexity resolved.
  • Nordic identity and materials.
  • Unseen seating comfort.
  • Variations.

The whole Pi Collection is a result of the ambitious and efficient teamwork between Piiroinen product development department and FOKlab research of Fokkema & Partners Architecten, brought together by the importer of Piiroinen for the Benelux - plan@office - also providing costumer insights. The range of Pi collection includes stools, bar stools, chairs, armchairs, sofas and tables for dining, conference and lounge areas.