Sustainability has never been the starting point of our design process: that has always been the wellbeing of users. It is for them that we strive to design environments that are not only beautiful but also healthy, not only functional but also simply a great place to work, play, learn and live. A place that is there for the long run and deserves sustainable choices.

Fokkema & Partners design with a long-term mindset. We prefer timeless quality over completely recyclable options when they have short-term value. We believe that the way we use renovations to revive outdated buildings has become our distinctive trademark.

Our passion for innovation ensures that we are open to new concepts, products and materials. Combining innovation with a lasting work environment where people feel great, ensures a truly sustainable design. Sustainability may not be the starting point of our design process, but it definitely is its outcome.

A place that is there for the long run deserves sustainable choices.

In the 26 years of our existence, Fokkema & Partners has been involved in numerous projects with high sustainability requirements. We see ourselves as a catalyst for positive change.

The world’s first WELL v2 certified Platinum interior was awarded to the EDGE Technologies HQ in Amsterdam.

The global Unilever Foods Innovation Centre was awarded 2 global BREEAM Awards and has a completely circular interior, rethinking the way we relocate.

The Edge in Amsterdam which features a highly connected interior, achieved the highest BREEAM score for a new office building in the world.

The transformation of a former business park for Alliander resulted in the first renovation with a BREEAM-NL outstanding certificate in the Netherlands. Moreover, it was realised with 80% re-used elements and 93% of materials are part of a circular model, creating a paradigm shift in circular design.

Today we are working on a project for Nationale Nederlanden, renovating 41.000 square meters of office space, another combination of extraordinary ambitions: 100% circular 0% waste and WELL Platinum

The sustainable renovation of the grade A Listed Apollo House for Allen & Overy improved its energy performance greatly while also making sure the building quilities are restored to enjoy for generations to come.

Our network of design partners, clients, industry specialists and new ventures is strong and continuously expands to challenge and update our knowledge and know-how, working together towards a sustainable built environment.

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