The municipal building for the department “Stadsdeel Nieuw-West” in Amsterdam has been renovated, with a limited budget. With the Tuinstadhuis working cafe, a public living room is added to the site, bringing people together in an informal atmosphere. Additional openings in the facade at street level make new connections to the surrounding area.
Client Stadsdeel Nieuw-West
Location Amsterdam
Square 11.000
Timeline January 2011 - September 2014

The interior of the Tuinstadhuis was stripped entirely. For the work floors, a new design based on 'The New Ways of Working' was implemented. The design transforms the traditional layout with enclosed corridors and separate rooms into an open plan concept with a rhythmic series of acoustic ceiling islands.

By showing the bare concrete structure, the design optimises the spatial qualities of the rigid post-war office building. Glass meeting rooms gently divide the open office area while the lounge and pantry areas bring splashes of colour to the floors. The selection of colours and furniture is inspired by the prevailing taste of the 1950s. On the 7th floor, a special project-based environment is realised with meeting rooms and touchdowns.

The ground floor now encompasses a welcoming restaurant, the Plaza, two large meeting rooms and a boardroom. The latter can also be used for marriages. New strips of windows at street level increase the visibility of the city council to the public and connect the interior to the adjacent shopping square on the one side, and a beautiful waterscape on the other.

The richness in culture of “Stadsdeel Nieuw-West” is especially portrayed in the graphics and signing.

Photography Bram Vreugdenhil

The unobstructed view from the modest offices almost invites the colourful Stadsdeel into the daily practice of the employees.

Graphics complement the slightly raw core and shell of the building.

With the renovation, the building gained on transparency, inside out and outside in.

The rigid post-war building is completely opened up, leaving installations in sight.

The rythmic and transparent design is enriched with outspoken patterns and colour.

The welcoming, homely atmosphere, relates to the characteristics of the neighbourhood.

The rythmic and transparent design is enriched with outspoken patterns and colour.