Moermansk 300 and 400 are two of the new buildings marking the redevelopment of the harbour area ‘Houthaven’. Various creative companies settled at Moermanskkade, operating in the fields of technology, mobility, fashion, design, architecture and urbanism, forming a new creative hub in Amsterdam.
Client G&S Vastgoed
Location Amsterdam
Square 400
Timeline July 2017 - July 2019

Fokkema & Partners was tasked to design the representative spaces and wayfinding for multi tentant buildings 300 and 400 and designed a minimalistic interior. Large white surfaces are inserted in the raw concrete building hulls and fold seamlessly to make a refined backdrop for minimalistic pieces of furniture.

From flooring to wallcovering to signing, the smooth white surfaces provide a sense of place with a clear signature.

Each of the buildings along the dock was designed by a different building architect, yet commissioned by the same developer ensuring an overall coherent look and feel. The lobbies of the multi-tenant buildings provide a shared space for meeting, exhibition and exchange of knowledge.

As a part of this project, FOKLAb was commisioned to develop two unique objects: the Rugged Elm and the Ripple. Both pieces convey a bold interpretation of the history of the site, while complementing the gallery inspired foyer spaces with a design that allows the spaces to be used as a meeting area.

Photography Bram Vreugdenhil.