Fokkema & Partners Architecten translated an ambitious program of demands to renovate the City Council Chamber (Raadzaal) of Almere with regard to accessibility, safety and installations into a self-evident design.
Client Gemeente Almere
Location Almere
Square 1.100
Timeline January 2017 - March 2018

Improving the proximity of the public to the political process was a major objective of the renovation which in addition restores many of the original qualities. To achieve this the floor plan was redesigned. Beside fitting a greater number of representatives for the growing city, it is now invites other users as an elegant space also for more intimate meetings.

The wooden rings provide a gentle backdrop framing the council members during meetings. ‚ÄčThe ceiling was reconfigured and outfitted with a new lighting plan, and excellent acoustics. The entry of daylight through ceiling windows was restored. The translucent natural stone wall is another original feature which is embraced by the new interior. A unique representation of the city Almere was made for the carpet at centre stage in collaboration with the designers Scheublin & Lindeman. This design with using new techniques was executed by Wool studio.

Photography: Horizon Photoworks and Bart Buijs (images during a council meeting)

The Council Chamber is designed in such a way, that the president over the council states to really enjoy his political debates under the stars.

The ceiling was reconfigured and outfitted with a new lighting plan and excellent acoustics.

March 2018 the renovation of the city council chamber was complete.

The city council chamber before its renovation in 2017.

The city council chamber upon delivery in 1986

In 1986 the City Hall of Almere first opened its doors. Cees Dam conceived a building with two wings, each 5 stories high, with a cylindrical Council Chamber hovering over the entrance foyer.

The Council Chamber is at the pivoting point of the perpendicular wings. Today it celebrates the many qualities from the original architecture which merge with the contemporary look and feel which the city has grown into. The Council Chamber now carries the warm and fluent signature of the public areas on the ground floor which were renovated by Fokkema & Partners Architecten in years before.