WELL Platinum Certification Attained for the Circular Renovation Project at Nationale-Nederlanden!

The 36.000 m2 project for NN, a forward-thinking financial services provider, is answering all the objectives that were set.

- 100 % Circular
- Zero Waste
- WELL V2 Platinum
- Minimal environmental impact
Through life cycle analysis

Merging a dynamic spatial design with a 100 % circular, Zero Waste and WELL Platinum objective, requires a balancing act. One that may seem impossible at times, but systems have been catching up with ambitions: this large-scale sustainable renovation is another push.

NN took the well-being of their people and business partners as a starting point
WELL certification places a high priority on actively and measurably contributing to people's health. User groups were intensively involved in a co-creation process, to ensure a result that matches user needs and their future aspirations. As architects, it also compelled us to carefully evaluate every intervention. Choosing harvested, sustainable, and non-toxic materials.

We've realised the biggest circular mining pit in the Netherlands!

A noteworthy aspect is how our promotion of stair usage is evident. We made existing escape stairwells visible and designed open voids, not only encouraging stair climbing but also fostering encounters. Linked with the enhanced stair connections is a vertical 'museum’ – to make stair climbing extra exciting.

Read more about the certificate in this publication.

In close collaboration with NN and all project partners, the design is materialised to realise a dynamic, healthy and agile work environment. Workshops, so-called atelier sessions, were initiated to bring in expertise from various angles in the market, pushing developments in sustainable building. Surprising and creative solutions were found and the consultations even led to a surplus in the ambitions: A zero-waste construction site and no packaging waste.

In collaboration with: Nationale-Nederlanden, Stevens en Van Dijck, Royal HaskoningDHV, LBP|SIGHT, bba binnenmilieu, Gielissen Interiors | Exhibitions | Events, Spaces4you B.V. , Vepa the furniture factory, JP van Eesteren, Veolia, Superuse, photography: Lucas van der Wee

The complex and often difficult combination of ambitions has resulted in a project that takes optimum care of the user!