ABN AMRO is redeveloping its 1980s office at the Foppingadreef in Amsterdam’s Zuidoost area, together with Edge and BAM. In line with their sustainable and circular ambitions, ABN AMRO contracted Fokkema & Partners to design their new workplace concept and fit-out for the 100,000 sqm Paris Proof building.

A Paris Proof renovation

ABN AMRO has set the ambition that by 2030, all owned offices will comply with the Paris Climate Agreement. In line with this ambition, the purpose of this redevelopment is to renew, expand, and make the existing Foppingadreef building Paris Proof, instead of opting for a new construction. This involves reusing 70,000 square meters of the building, and many of the materials generated during demolition will be repurposed. In addition, wood is used for the main structural framework of about 30,000 square meters of new office floors, instead of concrete. There will be 10,500 square meters of solar panels on the roof and the front of the building, significantly reducing energy consumption compared to the existing building. Circular principles are integrated at every phase of the redevelopment, including its fit-out.

Various technologies are used to increase the building's energy efficiency. The building will have "smart ceilings" equipped with LED lighting, heat regulation, and sensors to monitor indoor climate and occupancy. This promotes the well-being and health of its users. As a result of these choices, the building will be awarded at least a BREEAM Excellent sustainability certification.

Zero-waste design that tackles present-day challenges

The new circular and zero-waste workplace concept and fit-out design by Fokkema & Partners, will ensure inspiring places that express the values and topics that are important to ABN AMRO. Present-day challenges, such as hybrid working, user well-being, and a meaningful employee experience are top of mind during the design development. It will ensure a work and social environment that is both functional, flexible, and sustainable; a place where employees, guests, and visitors of ABN AMRO can thrive and grow their community.

The new office will become an inspiring workspace and meeting place that is not only better for the climate but also for the immediate environment. The Foppingadreef is located in Amsterdam Zuidoost, an area with significant social inequality. Therefore, ABN AMRO has joined hands with the municipality of Amsterdam, partners, (neighbourhood) organizations, and residents to make a societal contribution and had already signed a covenant for this purpose by the end of 2021. The redevelopment is set for completion in 2027.

Owner and user: ABN AMRO
Developer: Edge
Architect: BroekBakema
Consultant: DWA, Van Rossum, DGMR, BBN, Copijn, Luning, Alba Concepts, Fokkema & Partners Architecten, Innax, Arcadis, PeoplePower
Contractor: BAM
MEP: Bosman BAM Combinatie
Design on the renders by Edge/ Broekbakema