BREEAM Certificate Outstanding: Reducing Carbon Footprint Through Circular Design

Together Dionne Ewen (Royal Ahrend APAC), Patrick Levie gave a talk at the Smart Workspace Design Summit in Berlin. They spoke about Unilever's pioneering approach to reducing the carbon footprint through circular workplace design and the tangible benefits of sustainable practices.

To stimulate co-creation and exchange of knowledge, Unilever centralised its sustainable and healthy Foods R&D facilities at a state-of-the-art Foods Innovation Centre named 'Hive' in Wageningen.

Proud to say that it received a BREEAM-NL certificate Outstanding with a score of 93.24 per cent earlier this year. The building is energy-neutral, multifunctional, and flexible, and will go completely off natural gas next year. Read more about the BREEAM via this article.