Architectural Internship: Mastering Technical Drawing, Pitching Ideas, and Collaborative Innovation

How do you perfect technical details? How do you pitch an innovative concept? And how do you collaborate in a large team? These and more essential skills are learned during an architecture internship!

It's only been three weeks since we bid farewell to a group of interns who worked, brainstormed, and designed with us for 5-6 months. What have they learned and how do they look back?

"From developing and pitching new ideas, drawing technical details that make a difference to realisation on the construction site," says Joost de Wolf. "Fascinating to see how a team collaborates to realise projects”.

Elke de Jong adds: "I discovered new design scales and learned about the end user and stakeholders."

Quinty van der Sman shares: "Making a Sketchup 3D model and Autocad floor plans (almost) independently was impressive."

Lieke Rieff remarks: "Collaborating has sparked my love for the profession. And colleagues always had room for a chat or a joke!" Joost de Wolf concludes, "The pleasant atmosphere and appreciation for design input made my time in the team unforgettable."

What is next? For some, it's travelling, for others, further studying at a.o. Delft University of Technology. With renewed motivation, they dive back into the classroom to pursue their dream as architects!

The project displayed above: Cloetta
Photographer: Bram Vreugdenhil