Panel Discussion: How to Turn the Office into a Place that Working People Want to Go?

During the Workspace Design Show Amsterdam, Rick Rijkse joined a talk led by Robert Thiemann (Frame), with Arne J. Lijbers (Mecanoo), and Daniel Jongtien (Benthem Crouwel Architects).
Delving into the concept of 'The Magnetic Workplace'.

Whether it’s to work, learn, consume, get inspired or relax, we think of what people share and what connects them. Fokkema & Partners Architecten starts with the people and the organisation, designing from the inside out.

With Well-being on top of mind, we believe in evidence-based design and user engagement. Including mental spaces open for interpretations, where creativity flourishes, changes are possible, and the unexpected can be experienced. While moulding fluid spatial concepts, outdoor spaces with room for nature play a crucial role. Our passion for innovation and pioneering ensures that we are always open to new concepts, products and materials. Combining innovation with a lasting work environment where people feel great, ensures a truly sustainable design.

When joining these perspectives, our goal is clear: creating communities through meaningful spaces.

Read on about our vision to create ‘the magnetic workspace’ at our vision page.