The new office of leading confectionary company Cloetta breathes their purpose: ‘We believe in the Power of True Joy’. The eye-catching brands stand out in their neutral setting and surprise you over and over.
Client Cloetta
Location Breda
Square 1440
Timeline August 2022 - June 2023

Channeling the power of true joy

Powerful and playful zones tell the brand stories, which can be experienced in colour, shape, lighting, visuals and, of course, in smelling and tasting the candy. For instance, the Jelly Bean Factory feels dynamic, energetic and feeds your enthusiasm, as the Sportlife Zone breathes unexpected freshness.

The office offers a flexible environment with a diversity of places to meet and work. Several existing elements and products are cleverly and subtly reused in the design, such as walls, ceilings and furniture. The joyful interior reflects the creative, positive and passionate Cloetta Community. Life is sweet.

Project partners

Vega Projects
Buro Pothoven
Van Dijnsen

Indulge in a festive spirit with our New Year's greeting, featuring the irresistible taste of Cloetta's Jelly Beans, here.