The office for Stek, a Dutch Lawyers firm, is located at one of the most iconic locations in the center of Amsterdam. Set higher than the surrounding buildings at the 6th and 7th floor of the 'Prins en Keijser' building on the Vijzelstraat, it offers views to the entire city of Amsterdam. The concept for the design of the new Stek office, was to emphasise these views and to make clients and employees feel at ease in an environment which does not feel like your standard law firm, but more like a comfortable villa.
Client Stek Law
Location Amsterdam
Square 1000
Timeline November 2013 - January 2015

To meet with the demand for private offices, the entire installation concept and routing had to be re-thought. In order not to lose sight of the rigid concrete structure of the building, ceiling high glass doors and panels were used. Smart positioning of the open- and meeting spaces, connected by a unique transparent stair, contribute to the spacious feel of the office. The rough concrete structure and exposed installations are contrasted by the materialization of the interior design. An especially designed steel screen with a fragile graphic pattern separates the lunch area from an informal meeting space and when opened, allows the two spaces to be used as one.

Materials such as whitewashed oak, olive green resin floors and naturally tanned saddle leather, contribute to a neutral and comfortable appearance whilst not being overly styled.To ensure good acoustics, felt panels were made to cover separation walls and ceiling high cupboards. Also, these felt walls give the workspaces a sense of home. The refined materialization is complemented with sophisticated detailing, a unique hand knotted silk carpet from Tibet and with the choice for elegant and timeless furniture. The furniture itself is materialized with mainly 'pure materials' in soft natural colors with accents in cognac and natural stone.

Photography by Horizon Photoworks.