With the design of the new global LEGO HUB's, a shift is supported towards an office culture that allows employees from different parts of the organization to learn from each other. The office in London embraces the diversity of the organization, providing a variety of spaces. The approach encourages people to think and act more holistically - ultimately making better decisions.
Client LEGO
Location London (UK)
Square 2.500
Timeline December 2013 - January 2015

The design for the international toy manufacturer was developed in close collaboration with Veldhoen Company. Innovative workplace concepts are implemented, known as Activity Based Working. To encourage chance encounters, three new vertical connections were introduced between the floors as well as many different lounge spots. To emphasize the focal point of the intervention in the design concept, the connections have been colored a bright yellow, a trademark of this brand. Colouring includes the floor finishing and ceilings.

On the building core a graphic of a mini figure - stretching over four floors - clearly points out on what level you are. The toy building bricks are used as a design element in different scales, ranging from an entrance gate in from bricks in the original size to the huge silhouette of a mini figure and the design of the staircases which are oversized toy bricks stacked on top of each other.

Financial Times was given a tour around the office, watch it here:
Activity based working at the LEGO London office