These construction photos make you aware once again of the force dynamics of architecture. Behind a comfortable building, functioning on a human scale, there is an entire process, which is a privilege to follow closely!

A time-bound process that increasingly crystallizes and refines.
A complex and humongous interplay of forces that we as a team set in motion.
A building with a history that through renovation is changing the urban landscape, not only now but also into the future.

We look back with joy on our collaboration with IDEA Ontwerp and Timeless Investments. Read all the ins and outs of the renovation on Architectenweb.

Location - The Cath, Utrecht 
Redevelopment - Timeless Investments
Building architect - IDEA Ontwerp
Interior and integral advice - Fokkema & Partners
Photographer - Timeless Investments
Project partner: Dev_ real estate, Pleijsier Bouw, DGMR, Linthorst Techniek, Tecco Group, PD Lighting, FacilitylinQ, Frits de Jong Interieurbouw, Horizon Creative