Archello Honors Us: Top 25 Architecture Firms in The Netherlands

This week we made Archello's cut of the 25 best architect firms of The Netherlands, with the spot-on note: ‘Fokkema & Partners is an architecture firm that places great value on individual growth and creativity. They believe in allowing their team members enough space to develop their passions, resulting in a diverse and enthusiastic group of experts with varied personalities and skills. The firm enjoys assignments that present a significant challenge, such as solving complex, multi-spatial issues and turning them into clear, concise designs. Since its inception in 1995, Fokkema & Partners has focused on designing from the inside out, starting with the user. The team works to create spaces for working, learning, relaxing, inspiring, or consumption, focusing on what brings people together and fosters connections.’ – Archello

A photo of EDGE Technology by photographer Bram Vreugdenhil
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