Client Undisclosed
Timeline April 2021 - March 2023

The Floorplan
We headed off with the renovation of the existing villa, with a specific emphasis on creating more useful square meters for the living space on the ground floor. Resulting in the addition of a big extension, serving as a garden room and kitchen. But despite the big extension to the already sizeable villa, the floorplan achieved a surprisingly good balance, avoiding a loss of the “human scale”. Careful attention to proportions and dimensions ensured that every space felt comfortable and well-suited to its purpose. En-suite spaces, separated by sliding doors, provided an elegant solution for maintaining visual connections between the various spaces front to back while allowing for compartmentalization if needed.

A significant upgrade of the entrance hall
We made significant improvements to the entrance hall by creating a grand foyer around this axis while also providing a more prominent and fitting location for the staircase within the house. Initially, the staircase comprised quite a simple standard design leading upstairs and a loft ladder to access the attic. With the addition of the new hall and an extension on the left side of the house, we were able to install a stately staircase leading up to the attic floor.

Restoring while also adding a contemporary aesthetic
The existing villa has had many occupants during its lifetime, each leaving their mark on the building. The result was a mix and match of different styles and architectural languages. The current occupants wanted to make the building whole again while also adding a contemporary aesthetic featuring sleek white stucco and a thatched roof. Because the property has an extensive garden, skilfully landscaped by well-known Piet Oudolf, the connection to the garden was very important. Slim detailed steel window frames allow an almost seamless transition between the in- and exterior. Allowing views on a new garden house (doubling as a workspace) as well as the swimming pool.

Careful attention to proportions and dimensions ensured that every space felt comfortable and well-suited to its purpose.

Structural Modifications
Many structural modifications were necessary to accommodate the transformation, including lowering the ground floor for increased height on the ground floor level. Also, a significant basement was incorporated into the design, requiring meticulous attention to construction permits and adherence to building regulations.

Design choices
We managed to successfully expand the ground floor living space of the existing villa while preserving its charm and human scale. Thoughtful design choices, including a spacious extension and a refined entrance hall, have modernized the property while respecting its history. Despite structural challenges, our attention to detail ensured a seamless integration of contemporary elements, creating a harmonious, functional and future-proof living environment.

Project partners Boksman Bouw, Piet Oudolf, Bureau Broersma
Photography by Lucas van der Wee

The villa's diverse occupants left their mark, creating a blend of architectural styles. We aimed to restore the building while adding a thatched roof and modern touch.