In Zeist, Fokkema & Partners transformed an office into a clubhouse under the motto 'The GGD regio Utrecht (GGDrU) is here for everyone'. The clubhouse shows the Municipal Health Service’s identity and working method to new colleagues and chain partners. It forms the heart of the organisation, where 750 committed employees feel at home and enjoy working. A place for everyone, to work, meet, and relax.
Client GGD regio Utrecht
Timeline Maart 2021 - Juni 2023
Size 2137 m2
architectuur design interieur kantoor

Creating communities through meaningful spaces

In early 2021 Fokkema & Partners was commissioned to design a clubhouse for GGDrU. The renovation of the new office had to align with the GGDrU's core values: a visible, contemporary, connecting, independent and alert organisation. Lead architect Ruud Hoppenbrouwers: "For a large organisation, a central meeting place is crucial for celebrating successes and sharing experiences. With the GGDrU, we explored methods to extend a warm welcome to new colleagues and foster a culture of working together in Zeist.” The office, situated on a picturesque location surrounded by trees, was outdated and required a new energy-efficient installation. This led to a thorough transformation into a spacious clubhouse.

architectuur design interieur kantoor

Within Fokkema & Partners, there is a strong emphasis on Well-being and User Experience. Estelle Batist recaptured the design workshops with employees: “What do you require for a pleasant working environment? What gives you energy? What are you proud of? By obtaining answers to these questions, we revealed the DNA of the organisation, understood what the GGDrU community requires, and what had to be central in the design.

A clubhouse

The building consists of two floors. On the ground floor, there is a spacious central area designed as a meeting square, complete with a stage at its centre for gatherings. The GGD's identity is made visible here. Upon entering, you are immediately surprised by the large, illuminated regional map on the ceiling.
In the meeting area, fruit and water are offered in addition to coffee. With the slogan 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away', the GGDrU encourages a healthy lifestyle.
The work areas are also visible in the design. For example the lighting fixtures above the lunch tables are inspired by the eye test symbols of the Youth Health Service (JGZ).

architectuur design interieur kantoor

The spaces in the building are designed as a villa rather than an office. Large interconnected open areas facilitate easy navigation and interaction among colleagues. By omitting the suspended ceilings, lofty spaces have been created with much daylight. A warm and homelike ambiance is achieved through the use of colour and materials.
If a project is launched to bring a health issue under control, the employees can create team spaces with large sliding doors and mobile furniturein no time .
At the cores of the building, numerous hybrid meeting rooms have been positioned so that everyone can join in meetings. The clubhouse clearly forms the heart of the regional organisation.
Various rooms also provide a place to connect and recover, such as the creative room, the conversation kitchen and a mindful studio.
In fine weather, meetings are held outside on the terrace. You immediately experience the tranquillity of the natural surroundings.

The GGDrU is here for everyone

Conversations with users revealed that inclusiveness is a key driver: everybody counts. This has been displayed with large photographs. These show two persons, both different and unique, portraited in respectful connection. For this series, the GGDrU actively sought people in its region and among employees. Not only is the diversity of the group visible, the project also reinforces the perception of GGD’s community.

architectuur design interieur kantoor

Photographer Lucas van der Wee

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