Client FrieslandCampina
Location Dusseldorf (DE)
Square 2.700
Timeline April 2018 - February 2019

For the FrieslandCampina office in Dusseldorf a unique signature was created, inspired by the factories where dairy is processed with high regard to hygiene and health. Materialisation in metal, executed in clear, fluid lines is combined with the colours grey and white to form the key design ingredients. Predominantly functional and clear open spaces alternate with a series of zones completely materialised in bamboo. These bamboo zones also wrap the building cores. Despite its large spaces with a slightly clinical atmosphere, the office actually feels very welcoming and natural thanks to the warm-toned backbone, all complemented with some touches of green, integrated company branding, and naturally the people who populate the workspaces. In this office, the reference to a high tech environment merges a focus on user wellbeing with a profound representation of brand identity.
Photography: Ruben Visser