We are proud that our interior design for Clifford Chance in the iconic Droogbak building, Amsterdam, has been shortlisted. The project is a prime example of how innovation and heritage can blend harmoniously, in turn creating spaces that allow communities to thrive. What's behind Droogbak's recognition on the Herengracht Industry Prize 2024 shortlist?

Laura Atsma: “A more rigorous approach is needed to maintain the allure and contemporaneity of historical buildings. Renovating and modernising these buildings alone is not enough. A contemporary layer must be added to bridge the past and future, thus transforming the existing structure in unexpected ways. Although this may be challenging for listed buildings, we are not afraid to challenge the status quo by modifying what may seem untouchable.”

We can put beautiful ornaments in a new perspective by adding this innovative layer. Bold colour blocks, shades based on historical research, clash in the style rooms with original panelling and ornaments. Why that colour, that shape? Why there? Thus, we ascribe modern significance to the building again, one that is lighter and more comfortable.

Laura Atsma: "By bringing together the best of both worlds, we can create spaces that honour the past, support the present, and inspire the future."

Congratulations to all fellow architects firms who made the shortlist.

Project team
Interior architect - Fokkema & Partners, Client and user - Clifford Chance Amsterdam
Core & shell architect - KCAP, Client - Allianz Real Estate
Constructor, MEP advisor, building physics advisor - ABT Ingenieurs
Photography by Bram Vreugdenhil

A grid-dotted mural effortlessly integrates the outer façade's sculptures with interior design, evoking a modern comic book vibe!