Just completed: the offices of Unit4 Bedrijfssoftware

Unit4 Bedrijfssoftware is a software company that designs and delivers enterprise software, ERP applications and related professional services. Fokkema & Partners created a warm and welcoming office space for their team in Utrecht. It features an intuitive mix of meeting and informal working in a modest yet refined design. The design is spiced up by exposing slices of the raw concrete ceiling and its installations.

The large work-café has an exceptional elongated bar with beautyfull marble top and integrated planting. The ceiling in the work-café is largely clad with wooden slats which are left out at the heart of the office to reveil the bare concrete, painted black. In doing so, different athmospheres are created within the open space, taking advantage of the daylight along the facade while adding height at the floor interior.

An exciting tension is felt between the no-nonsense interior to emphasize the clear zoning of the office and surprising interventions, such as the integrated furniture alongside the facades, the bold lighting features and the use of contrasting colours. None of this touches the crisp white workstations, layout to optimally support people at work. The toned-down colour scheme for the office is further complemented with warm hues of wood. 

From bold interventions up to the details, the design perfectly aligns with the rather straightforward building core & shell, transforming the space from an ordinary office floor to a dynamic work environment that represents the company's identity.