The design magazine Architectenweb recently launched a podcast series and chose to talk to Laura Atsma for an episode on design to promote health and wellbeing in the workplace

During an in depth interview, Michiel van Raaij and Laura Atsma cover the challenges to make a warm and personal environment for people working in Governmental Offices, with State Office de Knoop as a key example. They discuss the design for the Unilever Foods Experience Centre in Wageningen which incorporates an incredible degree of re-used furniture to achieve a highly circular and sustainable interior. Lastly they talk about the efforts that have gone into the design for EDGE Technologies, resulting in the world’s first WELL V2 Platinum Certification. In between the lines the podcast gives insight into Laura’s personality, work processes, visions on the future and our office culture that allows for fun while striving for high quality in design and innovations.

You can listen to the podcast here
or on your preferred podcast app.

Laura Atsma is one of four managing partners and engaged lead architects setting the course and taking us to new benchmarks in design and innovation. The other three partners are Marieke van Schaaijk, Rick Rijkse and Diederik Fokkema.