The National Health Care Institute (Zorginstituut Nederland) is tasked with organising a good healthcare system.

They can be characterized by a no-nonsense and transparent attitude, stating a good healthcare system means fixing no more and no less than necessary. During the design process to completely refurbish the headquarters in Diemen, the employees were extensively involved with workshops and interactive presentations by Fokkema & Partners. This led to the design of a highly functional work environment that perfectly fits the institute's identity and supports a transparent way of working. Collaboration, interconnection and professionality were determined as starting points for the interior with a focus on providing comfortable workplaces with a homely feel, a lot of daylight and integration of greenery. Voids and open staircases were introduced, creating a series of interconnected central plazas as the backbone to the office. The Institute started their first workdays at the refurbished office in the first days of 2019. We are looking forward to sharing more images and info on this project which combines the refined with the practical, no more and no less than necessary.