For food manufacturer Upfield, Fokkema & Partners designed a state-of-the-art and highly sustainable Food Science Centre, which radiates Upfield’s identity in a modern and dynamic way. The building reflects the core values of Upfield, with the purpose to make people happier and healthier through plant-based design and materialisation. The new facility will house an experience area, tasting kitchens, a restaurant, a pilot plant, laboratories and the Upfield work environment.

A clear and rational building framework ensures a future-proof and functional building. The building supports the thriving high-performance Upfield community, in which employees, visitors and clients can meet and collaborate. Strong connections within the building create a dynamic and open environment, with stairs and voids encouraging health through movement.

Plant-based mission

The plant-based mission of Upfield is translates into an architecture which has a natural, sustainable and green look & feel. The main materials that are used: steel, concrete and wood, are processed as pure as possible. The exterior and interior are treated a similar way with similar materials. Structural elements like steel columns remain visible.

If plant-based is your mission, it is amazing to see a building come to life that radiates this mission so powerfully.

The outside green of the parklike urban setting in front of the building is pulled inwards. Lush green is integrated in the buildings patios, a green roof is put in place and a vertical plant-wall is installed.

The façade with aluminum window frames is clad with wood. In between the wooden frames, slats are installed that help regulate the amount of sun penetrating the sun-lit facades.

Sustainability & health

Key to the Upfield Food Science Centre is to put the user wellbeing central. The ambition is to obtain a BREEAM Outstanding certificate, which will result in sustainable and durable solutions that match Upfield’s philosophy.

Throughout the building there are generous voids and wide stairs, connecting the entrance hall with the different floors. The stairs stimulate movement and vitality. Dynamic coffee corners, touchdown stations and informal meeting areas are positioned around the stairs and encourage chance-encounters and interaction between colleagues. The top floor gives access to a south-side roof terrace for casual events and small-scale parties.

The Upfield experience

The main entrance and first floor of the Upfield Food Science Centre are all about experiencing Upfield’s brands and foodiness. From the spacious entrance hall, employees and visitors will immediately grasp the essence of the new innovation centre: it’s here where visitors and clients are welcomed into the world of Upfield. The double-high entrance hall with open stairs physically and visually connects the kitchens, tasting facilities, main restaurant and meeting facilities. There is even a view on the pilot plant and its machinery, through large meeting rooms. The dynamic environment with a fresh and transparent look & feel will showcase the pride and expertise of Upfield.